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Coravin Model 2 Elite Pro

Coravin Model 2 Elite Pro

With Coravin's patented wine system, you can now enjoy a glass of wine – or an assortment of wines – without removing the cork. This system allows you to preserve the quality, longevity and taste of every last drop that remains inside. A specially designed thin-wall needle gently penetrates the cork, allowing you to pour 20% faster than the original needle. The Soft-Touch squeeze clamp fits around the bottle neck to ensure a secure hold and effortless pour. While the wine is poured, Coravin's recycled steel capsules fill the interior space of the bottle with pure argon gas to protect the remaining wine from oxidation. After pouring, the cork naturally re-seals itself, preserving the wine inside for years to come.

  • Made of stainless steel, zinc, black ABS plastic, mixed polycarbonate fiberglass and reinforced  nylon with chrome accents.
  • Patented system lets you enjoy a taste or glass of wine without compromising the entire bottle.
  • Ultra-fine, thin-wall needle pours 20% quicker than the original design, while enabling corks to naturally re-seal themselves.
  • Soft-Touch squeeze clamp fits around bottle neck to ensure a secure hold and effortless pour.
  • Comes with 4 capsules; each enables you to pour up to fifteen 5-oz. glasses of wine.
  • Capsules are made of recycled steel and filled with 99.99% argon gas.
  • Needle is made of Teflon®-coated stainless steel.
  • Comes with matte black base and carrying case.
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