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Michael Larner
October 1, 2019 | Michael Larner


n. A layer of a rock bed found lying either embedded between or alternating with rock beds of a different lithology (rock type). A geologic interstratification where environmental changes are recorded in the layers of time. For example, sedimentary rocks may be interbedded if there were sea level variations in their depositional environment. Observing the distinctly different rock layers intertwined can illustrate not just geologic events, perhaps even a dance between competing modes of deposition. 

When interbedding occurs it chronicles a period of time and the interactions of the various rock types. This timeline, if studied, can indicate features about the past, present, and future not unlike doing a comparative vertical wine flight to distinguish a single varietal’s environmental impact per vintage or looking at previous vintages of a wine’s blend components, comparing the interlacing of each varietal as the percentages change per release.

The introspective observations of various key components in wine and their relationships per year is omnipresent on our family’s mind as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of making estate wines coupled with our 20th anniversary of growing estate grapes.  We are contemplating the past, present, and future of our estate wine program as we pass this first decade and feel inspired by what we have accomplished to date and we encourage you to do the same by accessing some of the select library wines we have purposely held back for your enjoyment. While the vintages may change, the common thread is our dedication to rendering estate driven wines by all of the family’s winemaking contributions to ensure that any changes are sewn into the matrix seamlessly. This is the task set forth as we enter the 2019 harvest where a cooler spring and early summer have now flipped into a very hot late summer. 

Interbedding both a cool and hot climate into one vintage will result in wine-grapes with intense flavor, balanced acidity, and ultimately predisposed to make wines that will have deep color, tannin, structure, and age-worthy character. While we expect to find more dark fruit tones and pepper spice attributes in this vintage, it will be a treat to watch these wines evolve in barrel throughout the next couple of years in the winery, and even more so in bottle in your cellar. 


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